Pet Policies

After 20 years of allowing pets at our cottages, we have come to a tough decision:

Paradise Point must become Pet-free.

As of January 1, 2018 Pets Will NO LONGER Be Allowed. 
(Even those grandfathered in for 2017 )

Until December 31, 2017 - if you have a pet that has vacationed with you here annually - your pet will be "Grandfathered In"... meaning that your pet can continue to join you here at Paradise Point - However new pets will not be allowed, as our goal is to become “Pet-free”.

Why did we have to make this tough decision?

We have run into numerous problems over the years; damage to the cabins and property, lack of following cottage rules and our own dogs have sustained injuries from pets brought here on vacation.

We simply can't justify being pet-friendly any longer - for the safety of our own dogs and the sake of our other patrons.

If you have questions just call Linda or Rick at: 603-482-3834

>> Past Pet Policies are still active:

As in the past please keep your pets off the furniture and the beds, pick up after them outside and keep them with you at all times. When you leave the premises, whether by boat or vehicle, the pet must go with you. If these rules aren’t followed your “Grandfathered Pet” will no longer be allowed.